2017 Southern Literary Festival Student Writing Winners


Creative Non-Fiction

1st :  “To Thaw”                                   Page Legarde, The University of Mississippi


2nd:  “Poison Ivy”                                Corinne Burris, Middle Tennessee State University


3rd:   “Holy Ground”                           Julia Britt, Furman University


HM: “Birthday Cake”                        Anushah Jiwani    Hendrix College


HM: “The Depth of Humility”          Meagan Broome, The University of North Georgia




1: “Deer in Headlights”                                      Isaac Huckaby, Mississippi State University


2nd: “The Young Naturalist in Heat”               Jess Bennett, Delta State University


3rd: “Heartware”                                                  Jamie Fore, The University of Arkansas-Fort Smith


HM: “Home Again”                                            Lina Morgan, The University of North Georgia



Formal Essay

1st:  “A Vicious Cycle: Victorian Society as Depicted in Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Ubervilles

Alex Chapman, Columbus State University


2nd:  “Morality and Musical Metaphors in The Chronicles of Narnia”    Sarah Roberson, Blue Mountain College


3rd:  “Shadowed Memories”                                                                           Megan Broome, University of North Georgia


HM: “Anne Carson: Shaping the Self and Shifting under the Reader's Gaze”    Margaret Shelton, Furman University


One-Act Play

1st:  “Force Majeure”                                          Patrick Shanks, Middle Tennessee State University


2nd:  “A Commotion”                                         Mark C. Ray, Columbus State University


3rd:  “Assimilation.”                                             Brea Walker, Columbus State University




1st :  “Valhalla, NY”                                                            Leah Vahjen, Columbus State University


2nd :  “The Changes of Home”                                          Lauren Case, Mississippi State University


3rd:  “My brother wrote you a song called elegy”          Leah Bishop, Hendrix College


HM: “Manifesto”                                                                Robbie Borrello, Hendrix College


Print Publication

1st:  The Dilettanti,              Mississippi University for Women                 Editor, Haley Skiados


2nd: Aonian,                          Hendrix College                                                  Editor, Carl Napolitano


3rd: The Echo,                       Furman University                                               Editor, Cory Bailey


HM: Arden,                          Columbus State University                                Editor, Cody Bishop


eZine Publication


“The Last Witching Hour”       Middle Tennessee State University           Designer/Developer  Chris Robinson